Turf Tips


DO remember that a good soil base is important to the longevity of your turf grass.  Bring in 4 – 6 inches of good top soil.

DO NOT order sod until your dirt work is ready.

DO start installing sod as soon as the sod is delivered.

DO NOT wait until all your sod is laid before watering.   After you get one pallet laid, start watering the sod even if you have to water it by hand with a water hose. After all the sod is laid, thoroughly saturate the sod until you can barely walk on it.  The grass and ground beneath the sod needs to be wet, 4” deep.

DO pay attention to the weather.  Hot or windy days are the most difficult on the new turf grass. Keep in mind wind and heat zap the moisture out of the turf quicker than a cooler, cloudy day.  Hot and windy days require more water while you are installing the turf grass.

DO water the grass every day for 7 days after it’s installed.  You do not need to keep it saturated, just wet.

After 7 days, water your turf grass every other day.

After those 7 days, water your turf grass every third day. (See watering new turf grass)

DO remember that your turf grass is a living plant. Like any living plant, it needs nutrition.

Once your sod is established, keep it on a good lawn care program.