Sports Fields

SelecTurf, Inc. is proud to be a part of great memories created on athletic fields.

Big Roll Sod Installation

We transform golf courses, athletic fields and large commercial landscapes into a lush, green surface instantly.  Big roll sod installation is the most efficient method of installation for large areas, it’s less labor intensive than traditional pallet installation and leaves fewer seams.  Whether new construction or renovation, we can help you through the entire process. 



 While sodding is the quickest way to establish warm season grass for your golf course or athletic field, sprigging is a more economical means to establish fairways or athletic fields. We harvest the zoysia or bermuda sprigs from our own farm and plant them into your fairways or fields, using our double crimping process to ensure the maximum amount of planting.  Each sprig establishes itself as a new plant, and then spreads across the ground, eventually offering complete, uniform coverage. We’re involved through the entire process, from preparation to grow-in, to ensure you receive exactly what you expect.